Ajab Gazabb Love

 Movie Title
 Ajab Gazabb Love
 BH Rating
 Director   Sanjay Gadhvi
 Cast  Arjun Rampal, Jacky bhagnani, Nidhi Subbiah
 Notable Performances


Ajab Gazabb Love is a remake of yet another South Indian superhit.
This time the film is based on Telugu movie "Seems Tapakai".
Jacky Bhagnani plays a rich brat, who has a penchant for fast cars.
He lives a luxurious lifestyle, with a happy-go-lucky attitude.
Life for him is very comfortable, like a bed of roses.

Then every changes, the day he falls in love with Nidhi.
As Nidhi hates rich people, Jacky lies to her and pretends that he a is poor guy.
Based on this lie, Nidhi falls in love in Jacky.

Arjun Rampal is strong-headed, angry big brother of Nidhi.
He has a lot of love for younger sister and is very protective.
He hates people who cheat & those who are dishonest in their dealings.

So will the love story of Jacky and Nidhi work out?
Will Nidhi's elder brother Arjun, play the spoilsport when he comes to know of the lies of Jacky?
The movie is an answer to above questions.