Student of the year

 Movie Title
 Student of the year
 Tagline  Kuch nahi hota hai..
 BH Rating  5 / 10
 Director  Karan Johar
 Cast  Alia Bhatt, Siddharth Malhotra, Varun dhawan
 Notable Performances

 Conclusion  AVERAGE

`Student Of The Year` is set in a school called St. Theresa’s which is one of premier schools in India.
The students of the school compete in an annual competition for the  `Student Of the Year` trophy.
This trophy is considered to be very prestigious in the school and the society.
Hence every student covets the prize. The competition for the trophy consist for three different activities.
The person, who does well in all three and gets the highest score, will be the winner.

Abhi and Rohan are two friends who are currently studying at St. Teresa in the final year.
Soon, Shanaya (Alia Bhatt) joins their gang of their friends.
For sometime the going is good and they all enjoy the school life together and have lots of fun.

Suddenly Abhi and Shanaya develop feelings for each other.
This begins to test the friendship between the three friends.
In between, the `Student Of the Year` competition begins.  

What happens in this love triangle? Who will finally win the heart of Shanaya?
Does the same person also win the school competition?
The answers to these questions are in the rest of the movie.