Cameraman Ganga To Rambabu

 Movie Title
 Cameraman Ganga To Rambabu
 BH Rating  7 / 10
 Director   Puri Jagannath
 Cast  Pawan Kalyan, Tammanna, Prakash Raj
 Positives  Good music, Story with a positive message for youth, Puri Jagan's direction, Pawan Kalyan's performance and comedy timing
 Negatives  Screemplay could have been better
 Notable Performances
Pawan Kalyan
 Conclusion  WATCH

“Cameraman Ganga Tho Rambabu” is a sarcastic comment on the caste based politics currently prevailing at every level of the society from the village level, to the state and the country levels.  It shows how common man, especially the vulnerable, young and impressionable student community, is used for political gains using the divide and rule policy.
The movie has a politically charged script which denounces the present day political practices.

The story is about how a young man Ram Babu (Pawan Kalyan) takes on a larger-than-life politician, Prakash Raj(Rana Babu) for his bad politics.  The hero is a common man who is initially bewildered and bogged down by the various problems plaguing the society - injustice, corrupt politicians and media sensationalism. The tendency of media to create news, rather than report the news and present a neutral view point, irritates him. Instead of just being a helpless victim of the present corrupt system, he decides to do tackle the problem in an innovative manner.  He uses both his brains and brawn to present a solution.

The movie has a social message which is delivered in an entertaining manner.

After Gabbar Singh, this may be yet another commercial success for Pawan Kalyan.
The formidable combination of Puri Jagan & Pawan Kalyan, should be enough for good commercial success.